Buy a chair for £150: target £37,500

The Wesley Centre has been given approval to remove the remaining ground floor fixed pews and pew platforms from the main space of the Church, bar the retention of two gently curved examples that will be refitted under the windows at each side of the space.

The ground floor pews were a later addition to the Church, in 1866, replacing plain benches.  The sensitive removal of these pews is pivotal to the creation of a large flexible space, for large community events, for concerts, banqueting, afternoon tea concerts, and for the continuance of worship on Sunday’s.

The pews will be replaced by a classic multi-functional stacking chair of a classic design. The Howe 40/4 is a design icon of the 20th century. Designed by David Rowland, since its launch in 1964 over 8 million have been made. The elegant lines and excellent ergonomics combine with a superb ability to make use of space with dense storage.  Today, the Howe 40/4 chair graces cathedrals, concert halls and other places of worship throughout the country and overseas.

250 Howe 40/4 chairs will be required for the Wesley Centre and it is a large fitting-out investment. 

Please support us by contributing £150 to the purchase of one or more Howe chairs.  Your name or dedication will be acknowledged on a unique ‘Roll of Thanks’.

You can leave a special note or dedication in the comment box when making a donation.

Thank you so much.