In just a couple of weeks time Revd. Tanya Short will be leaving us to take up her new ministry in West Yorkshire. Tanya has contributed so much to Church life at a very difficult time with the roof problems which led to the closure of The Wesley Centre and just a short time later the death of Circuit Superintendent Revd. Jacky Hale on 21st December 2016, as well as all her other duties.

So to not only devote time to all of this - which would have been a daunting task under any circumstances - but also complete all the studies that led to her ordination at Solihull Methodist Church on Sunday 25th June 2017 is truly remarkable. Time management must figure highly in a list of Tanya's many skills!

On Saturday 20th July members of Malton Methodist Church held a garden party in Tanya's honour at which she was presented with a gift of vouchers for art materials. Her painting skills are another facet of Tanya who occasionally shares some of her work on her Facebook page.

We will all miss Tanya's support and encouragement and the quiet but effective way in which she has gone about her ministry in Malton. Whether individually or collectively she has helped us to see a way forward in difficult times and gently encouraged us to maintain and develop our faith.

Thank you Tanya and good luck for your future in West Yorkshire. (And don't be surprised if on occasions in the future you look up from your pulpit whilst preaching on a Sunday in your new Circuit and see the odd familiar face from Malton!)