Supporters and contributors of Ryedale Free Fridge, which is based at the Malton Methodist Church and recently celebrated their first anniversary Picture: Frank Dwyer

In a recent House Group study on the role of the church, one of the contributors to the course material made the following comments, which we thought very relevant for our situation at The Wesley Centre:

“We absolutely shouldn’t find the Church inside the church buildings with the doors shut, arguing about who can and who can’t be ordained, married, go to communion – this, that and the other. It’s an absolute disgrace that most people know the Church mainly for what it’s against. What we want is people who know the Church because they see it doing what Jesus does – which is going out and taking risks to do it. And the risks are worth it, you know, because what’s at stake is the identity of the Church, as being Jesus’ mission in the world. And without that, what’s it for? It’s just for the preservation of old buildings and the pride in some nice heritage. Without the mission, it’s just a museum.”