One step beyond!

Now they were on the way to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking along ahead; and as the disciples were following they were filled with terror and dread. Taking them aside, Jesus once more began describing all that was going to happen to him when they arrived at Jerusalem. (Mark 10:32)

I was in the City of Leeds the other week and I saw someone walk across hot coals. I don’t know about you, but I had the same thought as when I see someone walk on a bed of nails or bungee jump, surely if you had any sense you wouldn’t do it – I know I wouldn’t it!! But how about if the person who posed these challenges promised to do each of them first, so that you could watch and learn from their experience, assured that each could be done before you followed suit? Well, I still wouldn’t be convinced, but it’s just possible that some of you bolder souls out there might have a try! When someone is willing to lead the way it makes a big difference, giving some people at least the courage they might not have otherwise have had.

That willingness to take the lead characterised the life and ministry of Christ. It’s there in the scripture above, Jesus knowing that his journey to Jerusalem was going to lead to his death, yet, far from holding back, dragging his feet or making an excuse to go no further, we see him leading the way, one step ahead of his disciples. We see it again following his resurrection, women going to the tomb to anoint his body, only to be told ‘He is not here. He has been raised from the dead and has gone ahead of you to Galilee. There you will see him.’ The message holds for whatever we may face. If we are feeling anxious about the future, afraid of what you might have to face. Whether it be a time of testing or blessing, darkness or light, tears or laughter, we can be sure that Jesus is with us; not simply by our side but leading the way, one step beyond.

Every blessing,

Rev Tanya