Transformed by God’s love

It’s very easy to allow every news programme and article to affect our very beings. So that, as news bombards us with such speed from all corners of the world, we come to a conclusion that society today is deteriorating fast and that there are no answers to violence, poverty, and an overburdened NHS.

We can allow ourselves to believe that we can do nothing, but console each other by talking about the misery of society, that there is no hope, and shut ourselves away in fear from the outside world, and eat cake, even though we are told that sugar is bad for us! In the words of Fraser from Dad’s Army, ‘We are all doomed!’

The Easter stories have a wonderful account of the disciples who had followed Jesus, and believed in the radical nature of what he preached about, and lived out. The stories tell how he spoke about the Kingdom of God, where there was justice and healing for those who struggled, where the love and grace of God began to transform people’s lives. But how following Jesus’s death it now all seemed hopeless. They lived in an occupied country, and even feared their own people – their hopes had expired.

So, they shut themselves away, locked the doors, and no doubt considered that they were all doomed. Yet, into that place of despair the risen Jesus entered, and brought his peace, and breathed the Holy Spirit on them. Because of resurrection, life in the face of death, the disciples embraced love and hope, and believed once again that the Kingdom of God was near.

After Jesus was present with them for 40 days, following the resurrection, they began to realise that they were called to live out and tell others of God’s love and generosity, of how knowing the risen Christ would transform lives, as it had theirs.

We still have that choice today, to lock ourselves away in fear and hopelessness or to open the door, and know that
Christ’s love can change the most difficult of times. As well as realising that we are invited to live our lives saying Yes to the hope and love that the Risen Christ ushered in we are also given a political system in this country that encourages us to step out of the fear, and do something by speaking out, writing to our MP’s.

Let us not bolt our doors and think we can do nothing. we can exercise our democratic rights that our ancestors struggled for, we will share responsibility for the failures of the political classes. It is the duty of every
Christian adult to speak out for justice.

Even when we may see a less than inspirational vision, all of us can choose to believe ‘we are doomed’ or to open our doors and embrace hope, love and peace, and realise that in each of our lives and community’s resurrection is possible.

Every blessing,
Rev Tanya