Sponsor the Concert Grand Piano: target £55,000

The sensitive and partial re-purposing of the Wesley Centre will see the building used as a fine concert hall. A new larger double stepped ‘performance’ area (doubling as a traditional worship sanctuary space) will accommodate choirs, chamber orchestras, and other recitalists.   

The Wesley Centre will aim to attract some of the finest musicians in the country. Regional venues such as the Wesley Centre are often used by international artists which are attracted by their more intimate size and acoustic and often they are used as a forerunner to concert appearances in London or other major UK cities. 

The Wesley Centre is being designed to enhance the already good natural acoustic of its near perfect cubic amphitheatre form.  A new all-timber floor and performance area, ultra-comfortable timber chairs, and other finishing timber treatments will enhance this acoustic.

The Steinway Model D Concert Grand represents the pinnacle of concert grand pianos, and is the overwhelming choice of international pianists. Similarly, the ultimate exemplar of Yamaha's piano heritage, the CFIIIS concert grand, is equally prized by performers and performing arts centres around the world.      

The Wesley Centre will seek to acquire a good completely re-conditioned Steinway or Yamaha Concert Grand, providing a further opportunity to attract artists of the highest calibre – and for many more people in Ryedale and the surrounding parts of North and East Yorkshire to appreciate good music.

Please support this aspiration by helping to sponsor the grand piano, either through a donation or a major gift.

You can leave a special note or dedication in the comment box when making a donation.

Thank you so much.