The Wesley Centre, designed by the Revd William Jenkins in 1811, needs a perpetual growing fund to ensure its sustainability for generations to come.

It’s one of just five surviving Church buildings in the whole country designed by William Jenkins, who was asked by John Wesley – the founder of the Methodist Church – to create such meeting places, and which were influenced by John Wesley’s own Church in City Road, London – ‘The Cathedral of World Methodism’.     

A beacon of hope for the 21st Century

As a Grade II* listed building, and one of only 42 such Grade II* listed Methodist Churches in Britain, our aim is for the Wesley Centre to support the entire community and for it to remain as a beacon of hope for the 21st Century. Historic England considers our historic building to be of “national significance”, and places it at the upper end of Grade II*.   

There’s a dearth of such facilities for our growing community in Malton, and the Wesley Centre differentiates itself by prioritising the availability of facilities that genuinely supports its key goals:

  • To be a building, open every day, and not just on Sunday
  • To be an enabler for serving a wide variety of community interest groups which would otherwise struggle to find a place to undertake their speciality work at an affordable cost, and
  • A place that residents and visitors can identify with as a place to meet, a place to come together for good music, to seek information, and as well as continuing place for the community to come together for worship, especially on Sunday.

For more than two centuries, the Church now renamed as The Wesley Centre has graced the centre of Saville Street in the heart of Malton – but not without continuous effort and considerable sums of money. Every crumbling stone, faded illumination and squeaking organ pipe must be painstakingly maintained if we are to protect our heritage for generations to come.

Would you consider making provision for a gift in your Will?

You can help us to fulfil this vision by making provision in your Will for a gift to The Wesley Centre – which needs your support today for its sympathetic transformation, tomorrow and for a long time into the future.

  • Every amount, either large or small, will make a real difference
  • The Wesley Centre will honour any specification by you that your gift should be spent on either the fabric of the Church building itself or on an aspect of our ongoing work such as access by the community, or its music
  • No part of the gift in your Will will be deducted for administration costs
  • As a registered charity, money left to The Wesley Centre is exempt from Inheritance Tax

Leaving a sum in your Will will mean that we can preserve the heritage of our historic building for generations to come – and for The Wesley Centre to continue to be a place of lasting community in our town.

If you’d like further details please email Andrew Treherne - [email protected] and thank you so much for thinking about leaving a legacy in your Will, both to support our ongoing work, and to preserve our heritage.