Selina Scott was born in Scarborough, the eldest of five children. A broadcaster, businesswoman and campaigner, she lives in North Yorkshire, and has actively helped to promote Malton's Dickens heritage. She owns a 200-acre farm in Ryedale which accommodates her Angora goats whose fleeces are used to produce mohair wool. The wool is used to manufacture socks marketed through her Naturally Selina Scott brand.

Selina's father Charles Scott served on Ryedale District Council for over 20 years and was a member of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park Authority and a founder member of the Ryedale Festival. He was also an active member of the Methodist Church and would have undoubtedly taken a great interest in the Wesley Centre project had he been alive today.

A passionate campaigner

Speaking about the Appeal, Selina says:

"We've seen beautiful buildings similar to this across the country completely gutted and turned into pubs or supermarkets. One of the issues I passionately campaign against is developers being given cart blanche to wreck beauty. The ancient market town of Malton shows that rural economies can succeed while cherishing and safeguarding the qualities that give the wonderful and friendly town so much of its character. I know Malton treasures its heritage, and will get behind the Appeal to safeguard this beautiful building."

We are very grateful to Selina Scott for her Patronage.