The Wesley Centre celebrates diversity and recognises the worth and dignity of all persons of any age, faith, gender, gender identity or expression, race, ethnic origin, economic reality, family status, sexual orientation, diverse ability or social status – and it will seek to express this diversity in practical ways. Malton is a community that is open and vulnerable, but with people willing to help and to receive from each other.

Welcome and hospitality

The Community Hub will support this ethos and need by creating a spirit of welcome and hospitality to everyone.

“This isn’t simply a scheme to save the building at any cost.  It’s an exciting scheme to reach out to the needs of a rapidly expanding community.  The primary objective is the development of a much needed community hub for Malton – open to all every day.  A resulting benefit will be the regeneration of much loved historic building – that is capable of being both financially viable and sustainable for future generations to come”.