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- not just on Sundays

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Join us for Sunday Worship

On Sunday 29th January 2023 Worship will be led by Kate Gibbs - 10am at Malton Cemetery Chapel.


Author: Richard Lukey

Watch again Sunday Worship 6th February 2022

Another chance to watch Kate Gibbs leading Sunday Worship a year ago


Author: Richard Lukey

Livestream - Sunday 20th November 2022

Watch the final Sunday Worship prior to building work starting


Author: Richard Lukey

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Contribute £150 to purchase one of 250 elegant Howe 40/4 chairs that will replace the 1866 ground floor pews. In return your generosity will be acknowledged on a unique ‘Roll of Thanks’.

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Latest news

  • Final Two Project Phases

    Preliminary work is now underway to create a highly resourced Community Hub as well as a place of worship within this listed building which has served Malton for over 200 years Read more